You may have a requirement where you need to show the individual values of each segment in a stacked bar instead of the totals.

The CDL parameter StackLabel offers control over the display of the segment bar values and the value in the active label hover popups for stacked bar charts. Options allow for either the aggregate value of the stack or the individual stack segment value to be presented in the label.

StackLabel = type;

The following types are supported:


  • NetCharts Designer – The StackLabel is controlled via the Bar Sets Type menu using the Stack vs. Stack (Aggregate Labels) options, and it will not be necessary to go to the Source tab.

    In the special case of Pareto charts, it will be necessary to go to the Source tab since the StackLabel is not accessible via the GUI. The default stack label for Pareto charts is TOTAL.

    Here is how you can manually apply the CDL parameter to the Pareto chart template:

    1. Double-click the CDX template to open the NetCharts Designer Chart Editor.

    2. Along the bottom of the editor are four (4) tabs, Presentation, Data Source Binding, Variable Binding and Source.

    3. Select the Source tab to view the CDL source of the chart template.

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the template and add in

      StackLabel = ITEM;

    5. Save the template (File -> Save).


  • NetCharts Pro – The CDL parameter StackLabel will need to be manually added into the CDL template or java code:

    1. In the CDL used to generate the initial chart, add in:

      StackLabel = ITEM;

    2. or via the API method after the chart instance has been created:


    3. This will instruct the popups to show the bar segment value and not the cumulative value.


  • NetCharts Performance Dashboards 2.5 – This CDL parameter is not presented as a GUI control in the Visualizations Options. Here is how you can manually apply the CDL parameter to the KPI:

    1. Click on the Customize pencil icon to the right of the Visualization dropdown. This will open a Visualizations Options window.

    2. With Visualization Options window open, click on the Advanced tab.

    3. Paste in the StackLabel param into the CDL text box:

      StackLabel = ITEM;

    Note: This parameter is applicable only to Bar, 3D Bar, Pareto, Stock and Combo charts and should not be used for other chart types.


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