NetCharts Pro

NetCharts Pro is the premier solution for developers of Java data visualizations. NetCharts Pro is a comprehensive chart library, allowing application developers to create award-winning data visualizations in virtually any format for interactive charting within applications, web-browsers, and internet-enabled devices without the need for a third party plug-in.

NetCharts Pro Benefits

With the flexibility to emulate virtually any interactive charting style, providing highly-styled data visualization elements or even non-styled elements for applications has never been easier.

  • Stand Out From Your Competition – Add interactive charting and Java data visualizations to your web-based apps.
  • Save Money – Reduce application development time and effort with rapid deployment to web-based applications using hundreds of available pre-built templates.
  • Create Highly-Stylized Java Data Charts and Graphs – Emulate popular design styles using thousands of possible chart and style combinations.  Powerful Chart Definition Language (CDL) allows for unlimited customizations.
  • Increase Application Adoption and Usage – Ensure end-users repeatedly interact and rely on your app.  Increase end-user application, adoption, and interactivity with drill-down, roll-over, pop-ups, zooming, scrolling, rotation, legend interactivity, and animations.

NetCharts Pro, a charting library for Java developers with no equal…

Design. Deploy. Done!

NetCharts Pro Features

Outstanding Data Visualization Graphics

NetCharts Pro’s awarding winning rendering engines produce high quality graphs and charts based on depth unique to Visual Mining’s data visualization software:

  • Advanced axes and scaling features (Logarithmic scales, multiple axes, and multiple scales per axis).
  • Sophisticated scaling capabilities (Automatic scaling or control a portion of the scale, extensible formatting).
  • Support for internationalization.
  • Image generation and updating as quickly as 10ms.
  • Both vector and raster output.

Compliant Graphics Standards

  • HTML5 output to support any compliant web browser.
  • SVG output allows rich client chart enabled applications to run in HTML5 compliant browsers without the need for a third party browser plug-in.
  • Automatically translate SVG into Flash within the browser for browsers that may not yet support HTML5.
  • Internationalization (i18n) support to render any language, date, time or currency.
  • Seamless Section 508 compliance.

Highly Interactive Charts

NetCharts Pro graphs, tables, and chart templates can be easily configured with interactive effects.

  • Each element of the graph or chart template can be explicitly bound to a URL or JavaScript method.
  • Use rollover popup labels to offer expanded information to the user.
  • Build animations within vector output offers whimsy to the viewing.
  • Default drilldown behavior will report the selected element to the target. Go as deep in the data as the data allows!
  • The ability to zoom and scroll on data points in applet mode.

Visually Stunning Graphics

NetCharts Pro provides full control over every element within the chart, graphs, table, or visualization. You can produce graphically appealing output to match your visualization requirements.

  • Highlighting and spotlights allow for 3d and ‘glossy’ looks.
  • Shading effects and dropshadows give depth and pop.
  • Gradients and corner styles offer a modern look.
  • Anti-aliasing, automatic text wrapping, line smoothing and more!

Flexible Development Options

NetCharts Pro supports the same language as all other Visual Mining solutions for charts. Plus, NetCharts Pro also offers APIs to control every element of every chart. Developers can elect to create chart instances directly from scratch via the application programming interface.

  • Java APIs – NetCharts Pro exposes standard Java APIs for every component of the chart. All styling options, build animations, drilldown actions and interactivity such as rollovers and highlights can be controlled via API methods.
  • Chart Definition Language (CDL) – Visual Mining’s proprietary CDL language describes the look and behavior of interactive data visualization. Chart templates can be used at runtime to initialize a chart instance from a base source. Only the dynamic elements of chart instances need be controlled via APIs to produce the exact output for the request. CDL templates can be developed using NetCharts Designer.
  • Chart Object Reuse – Because chart instances can be created and destroyed programmatically, NetCharts Pro instances can be used with object pooling libraries. Using a pool of NetCharts Pro instances allows developers to produce high-performance, incredibly responsive applications to support large user bases.