NetCharts Designer

NetCharts Designer provides a comprehensive data visualization tool and design studio for creating and managing charts, graphs, tables, interactive dashboards, and scorecards that can then be used in web-based applications. NetCharts Designer streamlines data analytics and development with one simple interactive dashboard solution.

NetCharts Designer Benefits

Use NetCharts Designer to design comprehensive dashboards and reports
NetCharts Designer puts thousands of data visualization design options at your fingertips for comprehensive chart, graph, table, interactive dashboard and scorecard design. Plus NetCharts Designer allows for connections to virtually any information data mining source, supports multiple development languages (JSP, ASP, .NET), and leverages the industry-standard Eclipse platform so you’re ensured enterprise scalability. Quickly develop and deliver appealing and informative dashboards and visualizations to your users.

    • Reduce development costs – Dramatically cut development time by reducing the number of templates required for an application. Developers can create a single interactive dashboard template and then pass in different data or other customization parameters at runtime.
    • Save time – Preview browser saves time by providing up-to-date view of the current charting software development.

Use NetCharts Designer to create interactive charts

  • Convert raw data into meaningful information – Built-in aggregation and transformation process modules include grouping, sorting, and mathematical functions.
  • Increase efficiency – Wizards to simplify dashboard solutions for file import/export, creating data, charts, tables, and pages.

NetCharts Designer, a comprehensive development environment to easily produce interactive web based dashboards.

Design. Deploy. Done!

NetCharts Designer Features

Use NetCharts Designer to design attractive, informative visualizations
NetCharts Designer is packed with features that simplify data analytics development, including:

  • Information data mining binding
  • Dynamic variables
  • Import and export utilities
  • Drag-and-drop page layout design
  • Drill-down via charts or tables
  • Built-in analytics and data functions
  • Wizard-based data visualization tool
  • Industry-standard Eclipse platform
  • Design templates without programming
  • Built-in interactivity via rollovers, drill-down, pop-ups, scrolling, and zoom
  • Auto-generated interactive dashboards
  • Multiple-language support (JSP, .NET, ASP)
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for reusable style formats

It’s that simple! Learn more about how together NetCharts Designer and NetCharts Server can simplify your development and deployment of raw data in data visualizations.