NetCharts Performance Dashboards

NetCharts Performance Dashboards (NCPD) is an interactive, web-based dashboard, business intelligence and data visualization solution designed and architected to empower non-IT business users. Nearly all aspects of dashboard key performance indicator (KPI) creation and management are configurable by end users eliminating the IT bottleneck in most reporting processes. NCPD provides business analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) saving you significant amounts of time and effort.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards Benefits

Fast implementation, streamlined setup, as well as quick and easy dashboard creation enable managers and staff (users) to spend more time analyzing data and performance, making decisions, and wasting less time waiting for programmers.

  • User experience is designed to be intuitive and easy-of-use.  NCPD creates all SQL and interface elements automatically. No programming required!
  • Existing data can be visualized as charts and graphs for more intuitive performance management.
  • Visualizations provide deeper understanding of what is really going on across an organization as it happens.
  • Web, email, and text functions improve cross-departmental communication regarding operational and financial performance metrics.
  • Customized and interactive dashboards allow users personal insight from the same, single source of record.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards, performance dashboards that are quick, intuitive, and even affordable…

Design. Deploy. Done!

NetCharts Performance Dashboards Features

In-Dashboard Reporting

NC Performance Dashboard
NCPD offers table views when data needs to be viewed in non-graphical displays.  With robust dashboard reporting, NCPD provides the ability to sort, change, or format columns and rows with a single click. Users can easily turn single level tables into multilevel tables by adding additional dimensions through simple drop-down fields. Users can also perform in-place data calculations without leaving the dashboard.

Cube Functionality Without The Cubes

Smart Pivot technology within NCPD enables end-users to intuitively pivot multidimensional tables through simple drag and drop functionality without any cube knowledge. Measures, dimensions, and filters can be changed via drop down menus on-the-fly in the dashboard software, essentially performing the same work as a cube with significantly less effort.

Adaptable Dashboard Personalization

NCPD allows users with the proper permissions to create unlimited numbers of personalized dashboards. Depending on their profile, users have the ability to create, edit, and delete dashboards on their own.

Context-Sensitive Key Performance Indicators

NCPD context-sensitive KPIs provide drill-down functionality, allowing users to click on elements of charts, tables and data visualizations that present a detailed display of records that comprise a particular segment of data. These data visualizations can be customized to include user-selectable data field details.

Scheduled Notifications by Email

NCPD dashboards can be automatically executed, converted to PDF, and emailed to users on a regularly scheduled basis or triggered via alerts, creating a proactive dashboard software solution.

On-The-Fly Multi-Series Dashboard Comparison

NCPD allows users to quickly and easily add calculated series to comparative key performance indicators on-the-fly. Through point and click features, users can derive new series of data based on existing series of data content. For example a user can compare actual sales performance against planned performance and produce a third data series for the difference between the two.

Out-of-the-Box Page Controls

NCPD page controls allow for the detailed investigation of data visualizations. Page menus place data filters in dashboards that can control key performance indicators on an individual level or dashboard level.  When you change a date range or select a subset of records on a page menu, the corresponding KPIs on the page automatically update in the dashboard software.

Personalized Goals Can Be Set and Tracked

NCPD enables the creation, tracking, and management of goal/target values for key performance indicators. Users can compare and manage performance on any metric and create color-coded scorecards and dial gauges that display progress. Separate goals for different metrics or time frames can also be managed. User-defined, row level alerts can be added for quick notification of “hot spots.”

Portable Business Intelligence

NCPD is HTML5 compliant, which means users can access their dashboards and key performance indicators via any device – PC, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, smart phones (Blackberries, Android, etc.) and eReaders – using common web browsers.

  • NO client side installation.
  • NO mobile apps to download.
  • NO browser plug-ins required.
  • NO need to buy a separate mobile version of the software.

NetCharts mobile functionality is flexible so that users can have the same experience on all mobile devices that they/you have in the office.

Advanced Interactivity

NCPD includes a preferences panel that allows users to change almost any characteristic of a KPI. Users can change dashboard reporting filters to constrain the data in different ways, restrict the KPI data to only the 20 most significant records, or change the style of the data visualization. Annotations can be added to personal and community dashboards.  Dashboard content can also be exported to Excel and PDF format.