About Visual Mining

TN-533376_visual_mining_logoVisual Mining was founded in 1997 with an investment from Sigma Partners as the first company to provide java-based charting applets on the internet.  For over 15 years, Visual Mining has been a trusted developer of dashboard and data visualization software. Our latest web-based dashboard software enables end-users to monitor dashboards and KPI’s to better analyze and understand actionable business information.  All NetCharts products employ the latest in chart rendering technology, allowing end users to view reports in all platforms and browsers including mobile devices and tablets (iPad, iPhone, and Android).

Visual Mining customers range from Fortune 100 enterprises to emerging organizations within the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise space. With more than one million end-users and 2,000 NetCharts installations around the world, customers span a variety of industries including:  Banking/ Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government, Communications, and Technology.  Visual Mining offers a strong and mutually beneficial global Partner Program that include OEMs, VARs/Resellers, as well as Alliance and Technology Partners such as Oracle and IBM.

Visual Mining’s acclaimed support and services teams complement our data visualization software by providing the expertise to ensure you always have the dashboards and visualizations you need to gain insight into your data and the information about your business.