Support Policies

At Visual Mining, we understand the value of exceptional support, which is why our NetCharts License Maintenance and Support Agreements are comprehensive and assure you timely professional technical assistance, upgrades, enhancements and service patches.  Most customers find that our License Maintenance and Support Agreement pays for itself many times over-whether it’s from development time saved by answers and guidance provided by our expert technical support staff or product enhancements provided throughout the year. Subscription Licenses for NetCharts products include the License Maintenance and Support Agreement with the Subscription License.

Standard Support

  • Support for 12 months (unless otherwise noted) from the date of purchase for:
    • Two (2) registered users per valid NetCharts Pro, NetCharts Server and NetCharts Performance Dashboards license.
    • One (1) registered users per valid NetCharts Designer license.
  • Access to the online support portal, including all available resources included within the portal.
  • Software updates and upgrades – Visual Mining makes available an electronic copy of all published revisions to the printed documentation and one copy, or authorization to copy, new releases of the product licensed (excludes new product releases).
  • Error corrections and bug fixes in accordance with priority levels reasonably assigned to such error by Visual Mining.
  • Access to senior level support engineers to assist with and resolve software issues.
  • Support is handled based on current traffic and on a first-in / first out basis.

Standard Support is provided for the current release and the most previous release of the licensed software.

The following services are provided by Visual Mining Technical Support for all products. Visual Mining’s technical support engineers will respond via support portal, telephone (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time) or email to questions about the following subjects regarding the Visual Mining software and related services:

  • Assistance with installation on Supported Platforms.
  • Explanation of any terms in our product documentation.
  • Product compatibility and operation with the latest Generally Available (GA) releases of Java Development Kit (JDK) Java Virtual Machines (JVM’s).
  • Explanation of our product’s software and hardware requirements.
  • Explanation of common performance pitfalls and suggested workarounds.
  • Explanation of Visual Mining’s licensing issues and policy.
  • Suggested solutions and code fragments for common Visual Mining product programming issues.

Services Not Provided by Visual Mining Technical Support

Subjects that technical support does not address include, but are not limited to, the following subjects. Technical support will, whenever possible, provide suggestions or referrals on these topics:

  • Support for Java libraries that are not part of the JDK.
  • Installation of JDBC drivers.
  • Java programming help.
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming.
  • Writing customer-specific program code.
  • Hardware configuration issues.
  • Operation, functions or service of software not developed by Visual Mining
  • Operations, functions or service of operating systems or operating environments (i.e., Microsoft Windows or UNIX)
  • Detailed, customer-specific, performance problem resolution.
  • Visual Mining source code.

Assistance in the development of custom applications for Visual Mining’s products is not included with License Maintenance and Support Agreements. However, the Visual Mining Professional Services team is available for consulting and training.

After 90 days past the lapse date of an Agreement, the account is completely closed and a new product license is required to purchase a new License Maintenance and Support Agreement.