Visual Mining’s consulting experts work with our customers to design, develop, and deploy applications which integrate NetCharts visualization technologies. Our engineers are well-versed in software engineering best practices, applying new technologies and concepts, and getting the most out of your dashboards.
Engaging Visual Mining consulting allows you to leverage the expertise of our Professional Services engineers for the development of your project. In addition to a complete knowledge of Visual Mining technologies, our engineers can work with you to integrate Visual Mining NetCharts for Developers and NetCharts Performance Dashboards products into your existing infrastructure to ensure maximum ROI.

S.T.E.P.S. Consulting Methodology

We describe the process by which we execute a particular professional services project as “STEPS.” This methodology helps ensure that every issue faced by every customer is addressed in the same detailed, methodical manner to guarantee a project’s success and timely completion while limiting development and implementation risk.
Specifically, our STEPS approach can be summarized as follows:

Scope – The requirements study. Together, we outline the requirements of the project.
Target – Document the environment, design, build a prototype if appropriate.
Execute – System development and quality assurance.
Promote – Acceptance testing and launch to stakeholders.
Sustain – Document, transfer skills, tools, and knowledge to you to maintain.

Our Professional Services engineers are ready to work with you on dashboard or scorecard development, product implementation, chart design, data visualizations, database connectivity and more in building your applications. We also offer a dashboard and data visualization applicationreview where our Professional Services engineers can analyze your current deployment and identify areas of improvement including using new chart types, updating the dashboard styling, adding more dynamic content, increasing performance, and ways to ensure user adoption. Our Professional Services engineers can also be engaged to design and implement POC (Proofs of Concept) applications, allowing you to better evaluate your dashboard needs and the fit of our products.