Using another language in your chart

May 20, 2013
Design Approaches

You may have the requirement to display the labels in the chart in a certain language. This is actually possible to do. Here’s a quick tip with a couple simple steps of how to display the text in another language.

    1. The font must be installed on the hosting server and if on a Linux server, referenced by the JVM. Please follow the steps appropriate to your platform to install any needed fonts. For instance, on a Windows platform install the font in the \Fonts folder. The font must contain the character symbols (glyphs) for the desired language. For example, a “Times Roman” font does not contain Japanese characters symbols, but the “MS Mincho” font does.
    2. Change the font name referenced in the CDL parameter to be the desired font (ex. “MS Mincho”). Specify the appropriate Unicode characters (in the unicode form “\uXXXX”) in place of the regular text of the Header or BarLabel in your CDL.


To get the characters right, you’ll need a lookup table to convert from normal text to unicode which can be found at:


The resulting chart using the MS Mincho font is shown here.

There’s also fonts that covers a wide range of character symbols such as the Arial Unicode MS. This font contains all the characters in Arial plus full fonts for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Hebrew, plus all of the different symbol characters and character ranges. For more details on the included ranges in the Arial Unicode MS font, see this link:

So to display Korean GulimChe characters, you can use Arial Unicode MS and reference its characters in unicode as shown below.



Here’s the resulting chart using the Arial Unicode MS font with GulimChe unicode characters.

At this point, are you having troubles seeing squares instead of the intended language character? If so, it’s likely either because the chosen font doesn’t include all the character symbols required, or the unicode form set in the cdl param uses incorrect syntax. Also note that if you’re missing a certain font that’s not included in the Arial Unicode MS character list, you will need to install that specific font in addition, in order to support the particular characters needed.

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