Exporting a project from NetCharts Designer and importing into NetCharts Server

Exporting a project from NetCharts Designer

1. In NCDesigner 7.0, highlight your project name and right-click Export.

2. In the Export window, expand the NetCharts Designer folder. Highlight Visual Mining Project Archive and click Next.

3. An Export Project Archive window will display that shows your selected project name. Next to the Output Directory: box, there will be a browse button that will allow you to select the output directory location of where you want to save the project file. Select a location then click the Finish button. The selected Output Directory location will now contain the project .zip file.

Importing a project into NetCharts Server

1. Open a browser and point it to NetCharts Server.


With NetCharts Server’s home page shown in your browser, click on the Admin Console link.

2. In the Authentication Required box, for the username/password enter the default Admin/Admin and click Log In.

3. Under Utilities click on Project Archives.

4. In the Archives List page, click the UPLOAD button.

5. In the Upload Archives page, click the BROWSE button to locate the Designer project’s .zip file you saved earlier in step 3. Highlight the .zip and click Open, and finally click the UPLOAD button.

6. You will now see a message indicating that the zip was uploaded successfully. Click the here link to perform installation as instructed.

7. Go back to the NetCharts Server Development Console


In the Project List page, click on the Last Modified to bring the newly imported project up to the top.
Now have now successfully exported a project from NetCharts Designer and imported it into NetCharts Server. To edit the project files further, click the Edit button (pencil icon). Inside of the Project Files, you will be able to manually Test, Edit and Delete the individual files. Note that it is not recommended to use the Wizard option. While it allows for basic customization, it will also overwrite any custom styling option that was done in NetCharts Designer prior to exporting.