How to add a Background to your chart

January 15, 2016
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Among the many features of NetCharts is the ability to quickly and easily customize your charts to look exactly the way you want. In this blog we will show you how simple it is to add a background to a chart.

You may want to add a border or perhaps some color or gradient to the background of your that may look something like the chart below. No worries, it’s very easy to add a background.


  1. First locate and replace the Background parameter in your chart template with the parameter shown below.

    Background = (, BOX, 1, , TILE, xe9e9e9, ROUND, ROUND, ROUND, ROUND, );

    With the new Background parameter added your chart will now look like the chart below with a border with rounded corners. The color of the border in this example is xe9e9e9 but can be any other color you like.


  2. For an added effect, you can also add the BackgroundFillPattern parameter which produces a gradient effect. Like with the border, you can use any color you like here too. Some of the supported gradient effects include Top to Bottom Gradient, Left to Right Gradient, Radial Gradient and many more.

    BackgroundFillPattern = (GRADIENTVERTICAL, white, xe9e9e9, );



In this example, the LineSets parameters values of Issued and Application Backlog display as data legend items at the bottom of the chart. This will then automatically be displayed in the Legend once it’s enabled.

Also what makes NetCharts so powerful is the flexibility allowing you to customize further. In this case, the data legend can also be tweaked further to include a DataLegendGridLine to create lines between the data values. As you can see, all these features can be added to customize your legend to appear exactly the way you want.

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