Hichert style chart visualization

August 16, 2013
Design Approaches

We have european customers that have asked us if our chart templates can be styled to look like the minimalistic Hichert design. The answer is: yes, off course we can!


This Hichert example was built here entirely using our NetCharts Designer tool. The Bars themselves are stacked using BarValueLabels to represent the numbers on the bars. The arrows that indicate the min/max zone are created using NoteSets since they can easily be placed anywhere on the chart. The bottom X axis line also shows two different colors which could have been done in several different ways. In this case, NoteSets were used.


This is another Hichert example of a ComboChart that was built using NetCharts Designer. It might look fairly ordinary at first glance but it has a couple interesting details. These include the center thicker line that divides the positive and negative values and the thinner solid and dashed lines. Also note that the circle symbols follow a trend as if it was a continuous line except it uses 3 different colors for the symbols where some of them repeat after alternating to the other colors.

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