Gallery of Dashboard Examples

October 23, 2012
Design Approaches, KPIs, NetCharts Performance Dashboards

Taco Bell has a great commercial running, promoting the new “burrito bowl.” The chef/actress says something to the tune of, “If Taco Bell wants to show people how they are changing things, they really need to show people.” And that’s the purpose of this post — showing you how Visual Mining is changing things.

Our motto at Visual Mining is, “Changing the way businesses manage performance.” We are in the business of getting critical information to the people who need it most, faster and better than before.

I pulled together just a few examples to show how we don’t just make software. We really give people — from operations to sales to marketing to finance to the CEO — a new way to change how they manage business performance. With the ability for someone to zoom from a visual dashboard to the database, for example, any user is empowered to explore data on their own. It gives the big picture to those who want it, and the granular & transactional details to anyone who needs it.

16 Dashboard Examples:
Note these are just clickable thumbnails that show images of dashboards, so they aren’t interactive. To try out the interactive user experience, including the ability to zoom to the details as mentioned above, with live dashboard examples, visit the NetCharts Performance Dashboards Virtual Tour (no registration required).

Retail-Income-Statement-Dashboard Retail-Example-Dashboard Retail-Balance-Sheet-Dashboard Obstacles - Execution Challenges - Execution Gap
InternationalBudgetSummary Nonprofit-Balance-Sheet-Dashboard Nonprofit-Membership-Statistics-Dashboard Nonprofit-Membership-Goals-Dashboard
Healthcare-Radiology-Dashboard healthcare-hospital_lg Corporate-Performance-Product-Revenue-Dashboard Corporate-Performance-Opportunity-Breakdown-Dashboard
Retail-Operational-Overview-Dashboard CampaignManagement Corporate-Performance-Accounts-Payable-Dashboard Corporate-Performance-Accounts-Receivable-Dashboard

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