Visual Mining is a privately held company actively supported by its prime investor Sigma Partners.

Sigma Partners

With offices in Boston and California, Sigma Partners is an early-stage, high technology, venture capital firm aimed at helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. The Company’s investment strategy is to identify, invest in, and provide support and constructive counsel to companies with exceptional management strength and growth prospects. Because of Sigma Partners extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of computers, electronics, software, and communications, they invest primarily in technology-based companies. However, the Company will continue to invest in non-technology companies that represent outstanding opportunities. Sigma pursues a balanced portfolio and is comfortable working with ventures of all stages. With $700 million under management, Sigma made first round investments in many of the Internet’s early success stories like PSINet, Vermeer Technologies, ISS Group and Vignette as well as other industry leaders like Storage Networks, International Network Services, XIOtech, Cascade Communications and Atria Software.