Our Winning Formula = qualified team + quality products + positive culture

Visual Mining employees are highly skilled, career-oriented, and can flourish in changing conditions. Flexibility manifests itself daily in the excellent customer service we provide to the global marketplace. And we pride ourselves on being more innovative than anyone else in our industry.

Visual Mining is a leading provider of visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information. More important than who is using the software is how they rate it. Visual Mining customer survey results consistently return high user satisfaction ratings.

Visual Mining is founded on respect for people, and we thrive on the combined skills and talents of all our employees. It is a dynamic organization that focuses on harnessing diverse talent in our workforce. Different styles and approaches to problems result in more creative business solutions.

If this sounds like a place where your talents could shine, where you could fulfill your career aspirations, please submit your resume. We’re always looking for exciting people to join the team!