Visual Mining releases NetCharts Pro 7.2

August 6, 2015
Developer Products, NetCharts Pro

Visual Mining is proud to announce the latest release of NetCharts Pro version 7.2! This new release includes new features, enhancements, performance improvements, documentation and all new examples that are easier to navigate and help guide you along to build your own chart applications in no time!

Highlights of this new release include:

Enhanced and Updated SVG SupportNetCharts Pro 7.2 has greatly improved SVG output and now fully supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. SVG features not supported by Internet Explorer and Firefox, such as SMIL animations, have been implemented within NetCharts Pro.

Improved NFNote Drawing VisualizationNetCharts Pro 7.2 now supports drawing Notes behind the data points instead of in front of the other chart elements.

Improved Multiple Axes Title VisualizationNetCharts Pro 7.2 will now align the titles across normal direction axes when there are multiple stacked axes.

Updated SVG JavaScript Naming – When placed directly into the HTML of a page (e.g. without an object tag), SVG output includes objects which can collide with other JavaScript with the same class names. NetCharts Pro 7.2 now defines unique JavaScript class names to prevent name collision.

Additional SVG Drilldown Behavior – Support for BackgroundActiveLabel and FooterActiveLabel have been added to SVG output.

Fixed SVG Drilldown Behavior – The target attribute for NFActiveLabel instances now supports null values in SVG output, indicating to use the same container.

Updated online demonstrationsNetCharts Pro 7.2 includes new and updated examples in the NetCharts Pro Web Demonstration application.

For more detailed information see the Release Notes included in your NetCharts Pro 7.2 installation.

The summer is a great time to upgrade and NetCharts Pro, version 7.2, is now available; download and upgrade today!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

– The Visual Mining Team

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