Using Reverse Colors

March 17, 2014
Design Approaches

Today I thought that I’d show you a different styling approach that uses a reverse color style. Basically the idea is to make everything on the chart that would normally be black to instead be white or a bright color. This includes switching the colors on grids, lines, bar borders, tic labels, and headers etc.

comboStackedY_No color Reverse style

So here you have a normal ComboChart with the usual white background, black grid, borders and font. Not a terrible looking chart, but it’s fairly ordinary looking.

comboStackedY_ reverse color style

In this version using reverse colors I changed everything on the chart with a black color to instead use white. I also added a soft gradient to the bars and set the background to be a neutral gray to allow the white color to show better.

As I was tweaking the chart template for the screenshots used here, I thought it would be fun to style the chart a bit further to use the colors of the Tron movie. Here a different header font is used and the background is set to black for an even greater color contrast.

comboStackedY_TRON style

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