Third Party Usage Guidelines for Visual Mining Logos

Visual Mining’s logos, logotypes, signatures and design marks (“Visual Mining logos”) are valuable assets that Visual Mining needs to protect. Accordingly, we ask that you follow these guidelines with respect to Visual Mining logos. Remember that you are generally not able to use Visual Mining logos unless you are specifically licensed or authorized to use them. Information regarding Logo programs under which you may be licensed to use Visual Mining logos and information on obtaining other authorization is set out below.

Logo Programs

Qualified third parties are able to license the right to use select Visual Mining logos under Visual Mining logo programs. More information on these programs can be found by going to the web pages set out below or emailing the referenced email addresses.


If you wish to use a Visual Mining logo and are a Visual Mining Partner, please get in touch with your regular Visual Mining contact who should work directly with Visual Mining Partner Marketing. If you do not have a regular contact, please forward the following to If you are not an Visual Mining Partner, please forward the following to

A written summary setting forth: (a) your name and your company’s name; (b) contact information including phone number, fax number, email address and mailing address; (c) the specific Visual Mining logo that you wish to use; (d) background information on your company, detailing any relationship with Visual Mining; (e) the names of any Visual Mining contacts; (f) a description of your proposed use of the logo, including why you want to use the logo, where the logo would appear, the duration and geographical extent of the proposed use, how the logo would be displayed relative to your corporate name and logo, and whether the Visual Mining logo would be one of various logos appearing; (g) a description of Visual Mining’s involvement in any program or project in association with which you propose to use the Visual Mining logo; and (h) any previous correspondence you have had with Visual Mining regarding this logo request; (i) a mock-up or sample drawing showing your proposed use.

Following submission, Visual Mining will evaluate the request and contact you if additional information is necessary. You will then be notified whether the request is approved. The normal turnaround time for such requests is one week. If approval is granted, you will be sent formal written authorization to use the logo, electronic artwork and usage guidelines where appropriate.

Proper Use

Third parties expressly licensed or authorized to use Visual Mining logos must not alter or modify them in any way. Make sure to use Visual Mining approved artwork and refer to the appropriate identity guidelines provided by Visual Mining. Use must comply with the terms and conditions of your license or Visual Mining’s authorization.


If you have any questions regarding use of Visual Mining logos, please contact Visual Mining’s trademark and copyright group at