Don’t want to expose the CDL params in your page?

July 2, 2013
Design Approaches

Recently I was working on a project that required the cdl to not be visible inside of the applet tags. I came across a great way to hide the CDL params of an applet that would otherwise be exposed in the .html page.

Within the applet tags of the .html page, I used the NFParamURL to reference a .cdl template with the particular params removed that are intended to be dynamic. Then a piece of javascript code is added to include the dynamic specific data and other custom directives, such as the background color. The result is a lean .html page that doesn’t expose your cdl or license but also allows for flexibility of the dynamic CDL portion.

NFParamURL_cdl applet

You can try experimenting by using different cdl params to be dynamic by removing them from the cdl template and adding them into the javascript.

Some of you may also have noticed that this is a very similar approach to what’s described in the NetCharts Pro doc where you would put the static CDL within a template to load the initial chart from and then using the Pro APIs for the dynamic portion.

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