Craig E. Hohlbein, Director of Sales & Professional Services

Bruce Duncan, Chief Architect and Director of Engineering

Craig E. Hohlbein

Director of Sales & Professional Services

Craig E. Hohlbein serves as Visual Mining’s Director of Sales & Professional Services. Mr. Hohlbein oversees all customer focused efforts with a goal of repeatable success for customers using Visual Mining’s solutions. This includes management and completion of implementations both for and with Visual Mining solution users, product training, and ongoing product support. Since joining Visual Mining in January 2002 as a Senior Software Engineer, Craig has participated in the development of each of Visual Mining’s products.

Before joining Visual Mining, Mr. Hohlbein worked with both public and private companies to develop security, analysis, reporting and portal software using various technologies. Mr. Hohlbein’s background and experience with multiple platform development, wireless technologies and both client and server-based solutions has enhanced the output and integration of the NetCharts solutions.

Bruce Duncan

Chief Architect and Director of Engineering

Bruce Duncan serves as Visual Mining’s Chief Architect and Director of Engineering. He joined Visual Mining in 1998 and has served as the lead programmer on NetCharts Applets, principal engineer on NetCharts Server and architect and principal engineer for NetCharts Performance Dashboards.

In 2004 he was appointed Chief Architect for all of Visual Mining’s software products. Mr. Duncan also oversees Visual Mining’s use of and contributions to Open Source software.

Mr. Duncan holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Loyola College in Maryland and has had research published in the proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Program Comprehension.