Chartline Newsletter – 2014 Fall Edition

October 15, 2014

Fall is upon us and we’re back with an all new 2014 Fall Edition Chartline Newsletter! Find out what’s new by checking out the new 2014 Fall Edition of our Chartline Newsletter here.

Highlights of this edition of Chartline include details about an updated version of the NetCharts Pro 7.1 ncp-core.jar file, which has been signed with an extended certificate and is used when presenting NetCharts Pro charts in applets mode.

If you’re a NetCharts Server or NetCharts Pro user user, learn how you can benefit from using NetCharts Designer. Find out how to build a chart thumbnail or Sparkline in 6 easy steps. Also learn how to build a template featuring multiple axes to present complementary data within the same chart.

Best regards from the Visual Mining team.

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