Chart Of The Month: “Population Prospects”

May 19, 2014
Design Approaches

This month we will take a closer look at how the “Population Prospects” XY chart was put together.

XY_ex3 chart

1. Using an XY chart, the years of the X axes bottom tics were used together with the data point values.

2. The bottom scale’s values were the following: Min: “1800”, Max: 2060 and Step: 50.

3. A BottomLabels param was used to add the labels along with a BottomTicLocations param was used to specify the tics that would display the labels.

4. Two LineSets were used where the second one contained only the larger red symbol.

5. The LineSets used a linefill that also highlighted the grid.

6. NoteSet labels were added to point at the values of importance.

7. A BackgroundFillPattern was also added to specify the gradient color.

That’s pretty much it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!

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