Interactions Case Study

InteractionsCustomer Profile

Interactions, based in Boston, dramatically improves how businesses interact with customers. The Interactions IVR Platform offers far more than just hosted IVR (interactive voice response) services and call center ‘automated systems.’ Interactions IVR Platform provides customers a call experience that is conversational, consistent and satisfying by providing a superior process for managing customer calls. As a result, organizations see improvements in customer satisfaction, cost reductions, and are assured privacy is maintained.


To understand what a caller experiences when they engage with the Interactions IVR Platform, Interactions built a variety of reports for their customers. These reports were to discover:

  • Why are customers calling? What are they most often looking for?
  • Caller paths—once in the system, where did they experience an issue or delay?
  • How long does it take to satisfy a customer query?
  • Where can processes be improved for faster call resolution?

These initial Interactions IVR Platform reports were effective but limited. There was no ability to explore call data or to drill down into individual call details. The reports were predefined and users frequently requested custom reports which were expensive and time consuming to create. Interactions quickly realized they needed the capability to allow users to interact with their data and easily build and share new reports on their own.


NetCharts Performance Dashboards provides Interactions with the insight and analysis their customers need to manage caller activity. Incorporating NetCharts Performance Dashboards as part of the Interactions IVR Platform allows customers to graphically explore call data and identify and resolve issues related to caller paths, trends, exit patterns, and call times. And customers can create, personalize and share new dashboards quickly and without assistance.

With NetCharts Performance Dashboards, Interactions is able to provide a unique, agile, and scalable business intelligence/dashboard solution to their core product and solution offering—the Interactions IVR Platform. And this helps ensure continuous value to key Interactions customers. 

“From an OEM perspective, NetCharts Performance Dashboards is an ideal business intelligence/ dashboard solution. We were able to provide a scalable, agile solution for viewing and analyzing calls as part of our Interactions IVR Platform with minimal effort. By selecting NetCharts Performance Dashboards, we certainly saved development time and money – and are able to improve customer satisfaction.”

– Kurt Crowley, Vice-President of Technology, Interactions, Corp.