Hyperion Case Study

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Hyperion Solutions was developing their state-of-the-art production report writer, Hyperion Reports. They chose NetCharts to facilitate the use of existing information in new and different ways. Hyperion Reports provides sophisticated, highly formatted production reports for enterprise-wide distribution of critical business information. Hyperion Reports provides deeper insight into critical business information by delivering such management reports as balance sheets, cash flow, income statements, and statutory reporting.

Use of NetCharts Applets has subsequently expanded into other of Hyperion’s products.

Where Hyperion Uses NetCharts Applets:

  • Hyperion Reports – delivers highly formatted management reports to the enterprise
  • Hyperion Applications Builder – enables the rapid creation, management, and deployment of Web-centric, enterprise-scalable, cross-platform business analysis applications
  • Hyperion Analyzer – delivers intuitive Web-based interactive analysis to all corners of the enterprise
  • Hyperion Analysis Portal – delivers a personalized, single point of access for business analysis.

“One of the requirements for the new report writer was the ability to deliver dynamic graphing capabilities with each report that a customer developed. NetCharts not only delivered the functionality but, due to the product’s robust features, the ability to respond to customer requirements for more charting functionality.”

In Their Own Words

What is NetCharts’ value to you?

“For communicating information enterprise-wide, production reporting is the go-to solution. Visual context of business critical information is a key component for delivering the importance of that information. Visual Mining’s NetCharts Applets delivers this visual context with robust visual effectiveness.”

“Rapid development and deployment of reports is critical to Hyperion Reports’ success as a product. Designers/creators can quickly and easily create multiple chart types from multiple data sources.”

“With NetCharts, Hyperion was freed up from the time and expense of coding a charting engine for Hyperion Reports. Using a third-party product freed up valuable resources to concentrate on developing a world-class production report writer knowing that the charting engine was already done and could support what the Hyperion developers were producing.”

What do you feel are the strengths of the solution?

  • “The key to a production report writer is the visuals”
  • “Point the chart object at the data source and the graph is built”
  • “Reduces the time and costs in building on-line charts”
  • “Ready-to-use charts allows the ability to respond to our customer requests for different chart types”
  • “Once linked to the data source, the chart dynamically updates as the data source is refreshed”
  • “Cross-platform support”

What were your selection criteria?

  • “Cross-platform support is a critical company initiative”
  • “Ease of use”
  • “Multiple chart types”
  • “Quick response to Hyperion requests”
  • “Support of popular application development tools”
  • “Support of enterprise application servers: JRun, WebSphere, and WebLogic”
  • “Support of J2EE initiative”
  • “There were also requirements for a charting engine that was coded in Java that supported Unix as well as Windows”


Hyperion Application Builder with NetCharts Applets embedded.


Hyperion Analyzer: NetCharts Applets bar chart with image background.

Hyperion Solutions Corporation, Sunnyvale, California

Hyperion helps business leaders plan, manage, and execute on strategies by analyzing information on finance, operations, customers, supply chain execution, and e-business initiatives. www.hyperion.com

Hyperion Solutions Provides

  • Performance management
  • Financial analysis
  • e-CRM analysis solutions
  • OLAP
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Analysis tools

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